Principal Investigator

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Younjin Min, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Department of Polymer Engineering (2013-Present)
Editorial Board, “Colloids and Interfaces” (2016-Present)
Prof. Min’s Google Scholar Profile

B.S. Environmental Science and Engineering, Ewha Womans University (2000)
M.S. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (2003)
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Univ. of Calif. Santa Barbara (2009)
Postdoctoral Training: Chemical Engineering, MIT (2012)

                                                    Phone: 330-972-5167

Graduate Students


Yuanzhong Zhang

Ph.D. Student (August 2014 ~ Present)
M.S. University of Akron (Polymer Engineering, 2014)
B.S. South China University of Technology (Polymer Science and Materials, 2012)




Marisa Tukpah

Ph.D. Student (November 2015 ~ Present)
B.S.  Hampton University (Chemical Engineering, 2015)





Yuchen Zuo

M.S. Student (November 2016 ~ Present)
B.S. South China University of Technology (Polymer Science and Material, 2016)




Lab Alumni

Yupeng Hu, MS 2015

Thesis: Electrospun nanofibers for programmable drug delivery system sequentially targeting inflammation and infection
B.S.  Sichuan University
Post graduation: Shanghai KEDI Environmental Technologies Co. Ltd.

Shihao Wen, MS 2016

Thesis: Design of multi-drug release coaxial electrospun mat for wound healing application
B.S. East China University of Science and Technology
Post graduation: PhD student in Mechanical Engineering, University of Akron

Undergraduate Students

Julia Meyer (May 2015 ~ August 2015: REU Program)  B.S.: Stark State College, Chemical Engineering Email:
Helen Terrill (August 2014 ~ January 2015)  B.S.: University of Akron, Chemical Engineering Email:
Kamshat Dukenbaeva (June ~ October 2014)  B.S.: University of Akron, Chemical Engineering Email:
Denny Hanreck (Spring 2014) B.S.: University of Akron, Biomedical Engineering Email:

Outreach Activities (Internship Program)

Kacey Fang (Summer 2013) Email:
Serena Wang (Summer 2013) Email:
Zane Bellar (Summer 2013) Email:
Michael Borowski (Summer 2014: RET Program) Email:
Abigail Volk (Fall 2015 – Spring 2016) Email:
Vitaliy Baranovskiy (Summer 2016: RET Program) Email:



Abigail Volk won several awards (Polymer Award, Governor’s Award for advanced materials, ASM Award, Edison Welding Institute Award) from St. Vincent-St. Mary Science Fair, University of Akron District Science Fair, Northeast Ohio Science and Engineering Fair, and The Ohio State Science Day during her internship in the lab. Congratulations, Abby!!



Group Photos (Click each photo for a bigger view)

2016 December at the Winter Banquet  








2016 July Group Lunch (Celebrating Tianxin’s, Xiaoxu’s and Shihao’s successful master’s defense)








2015 August Group Lunch (Celebrating Jingyu’s and Yupeng’s successful master’s defense)20150814_135304_Sharpen







2014 October Group Lunch (Welcoming new group members)